The 4 ROOMS store operates in Farsala and is part of a company whose history begins in 1949. At that time, Nikolaos Bizoulas starts a small workshop and mini-workshop. The founder motto of our founder was: beauty, quality, usability. And we keep it up to date. Over the years, the small workshop has evolved and in 1982 the son of Yannis takes over the company. The factory is moved to new privately-owned and modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and the company produces plenty of designs and types of furniture.

At the same time, father and son make the dream of many years: the creation of a modern exhibition of furniture next to the factory. The 1,500 m 2 exhibition covers the needs of the company up to 2001. With the growing demand for products and expanding clientele it is decided to create a new, larger and more modern exhibition at the entrance of the town of Farsala, 3,000 m 2 .

The creativity and forefront of the business continue unabated and go on to the next level when Giannis's husband, Milan, as decorator, undertakes the radical renovation of the new exhibition space. Along with renovation, our range of products is expanding, taking into account the ever-increasing needs of the modern family. In one place, furniture, decorative items, linen, carpets, fixtures, make the company a leader in the local market.

In 2016 Giannis and Milan Bijoula are making a new venture in the city center of Farsala, opening a new store. The 4 ROOMS store of happiness , the store of joy.

The basic idea was to concentrate in one place on all those who offer joy in our lives: the engagement, the marriage, the birth and the baptism of the child. Moments that deserve to stay forever in our hearts.

Our range of services also includes space decorations and invitation printing.

Contributing to everything that gives joy to modern people is the greatest challenge for us. Keeping the knowledge of all these years and with the goal of creating unique moments of happiness, we welcome you to our new online store. Good tour!


Yours sincerely,

Giannis and Milan Bijoula